I design products, experiences, games and entertainment concepts; combining physical and digital to create new connected play experiences. I lead the design vision and strategy, managing internal and external teams to deliver innovative and challenging products. Working with new and emerging technologies from Augmented and Virtual Reality to Voice and AI.

My background is in design of physical products, but I have experience leading projects which fuse the physical and digital and have gained a strong technical understanding of digital development for AR / VR / MR and Voice.



Design Strategy
I look for opportunities or gaps in the market, pushing the boundaries of a brief to deliver innovative product, strategic line planning and marketing methods. High awareness of industry trends, including toy and game, tech, consumer electronics and digital gaming.

Experience Design
I thrive on the challenge of creating a product or experience from an ambiguous brief. Utilising an iterative design process of research, concept development, prototyping, testing and consumer insights to design and deliver experiences that make people smile.

An ideas person with excellent fast-paced ideation, ability to quickly communicate a wide variety of concepts. Creating product pitches for exec level presentations. Leading teams to deliver fully working prototypes and demos. Taking digital and physical products from concept to shelf with excellent working knowledge of production and manufacture.

Leadership Skills
I work with multiple team members both internally and externally to take products from concept to shipping, including engineers, interaction designers, graphic designers, marketeers and copy writers.


When I'm not working I can be found out and about exploring, I love to travel (mainly so I can eat!). I'm a keen gamer, with an unrivaled competitive streak ;) ! I'm currently enjoying playing in Tiltbrush, I can lose hours in Oculus creating whimsical scenes.

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