AR / VR / MR


AR / MR / VR at hASBRO

A lot of the projects that I’ve been working on in AR / VR / MR are still under wraps as they haven’t yet been released, however two products have been released, although I joined these projects half way through, they allow me to share examples of similar things that I have been working on; Iron Man HeroVision and Transformers BeeVision. I’d be more than happy to talk more about my knowledge and experience.

Current technology

Solid understanding of current consumer and early stage development AR / VR / MR technologies as well as current limitations. Including different HMD configurations (with and without being powered by mobile devices), visual marker tracking, spatial tracking, interaction…

Concept Development

I lead concept development from ideation through to prototyping, concept pitches, concept videos and working closely with interaction designers and software engineers to turn concepts in to a working prototypes. These could be across any of Hasbro’s brands and Hasbro’s partner brands, from Marvel and Star Wars through to My Little Pony and Hasbro Gaming Brands; Cranium, Monopoly etc. Fast paced concept development and ability to communicate with a wider, non-technical or technical audience.


Leading development of pitch material to share concepts with internal and external stakeholders, including Hasbro exec level and external licensors such as Marvel.


Hands on prototyping of physical elements, working closely with digital designers to fuse physical and digital play. Utilizing anything from cardboard, 3D printing, glue and tape to create early stage prototypes, through to more polished examples of physical product to be used to share the concept with a wider team. Working closely with digital designers to fuse the digital and physical to create working prototypes as proof of concept.

Then once a product is in production phase, continually prototyping product through to production stage, utilizing both internal and external resources, and working closely with Far East counterparts to deliver final works like / looks like products before cutting steel.

Product Development

Overseeing overall product development, working closely with US and Far East based engineering, sculpting, digital, project management and marketing teams to take a product form concept to production.


I took the Herovision (and other yet to be released) products through the manufacture stage, reviewing and modifying Far East CAD, first shots, engineering prototypes and final engineering prototypes. I have a solid understanding of design for manufacture.

See below for images of Iron Man and Bumblebee Augmented Reality Experiences which are the first of the products which I have worked on to be released: