Seeing Your Products in the Wild

Surely that's one of the main reasons we design, right? To see something you've designed on sale, on a shelf or online? The other thing that I love, perhaps even more, is seeing a product you worked on in peoples hands, (and no, I don't mean in the hands of someone you're showing your proudest products to!!).

I recently came across a game I designed in our new local pub... half way round the world. Cards nicely worn, the components used and the box looking a little worse for ware, all the signs you want to see of a game that's actually been played!

I love hearing about the products people are most proud of, theres a brilliant thread on Core77 where people can post their recently released work. I always think this is a great thread to celebrate seeing people worked so hard on out in the wild!

So I'm curious... what are you most proud of seeing out in the wild??

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IxDA @ Zillow - Transitioning Between Design Mediums and Teams

Earlier this week I continued my theme of absorbing information from the Seattle design scene. On Tuesday I headed over to Zillow's HQ in Downtown Seattle (for those of you in the UK, Zillow is a huge online real-estate business, think Right Move or Zoopla), where IxDA were holding the talk Transitioning Between Design Mediums and Teams. The evening began with appetisers, drinks, networking, and a fantastic view over Puget Sound from the 30th floor HQ (seriously... how does anyone get anything done with a view like that!)

Transitioning between different mediums within design is an area I'm particularly interested in at the moment. Having moved form the UK to Seattle, the design industry and it's focus feels very different to that of the London area. I'm especially interested in the VR / AR / Mixed reality spaces at the moment, so have been digesting information from the huge digital presence in Seattle.......

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Cranium Dark ad released

I don't think I've had as much fun designing a game as I did with Cranium Dark, sure, there were the usual development challenges, but this one included hilarious brainstorm sessions, and even more ridiculous testing sessions! There were a lot of laughs along the way!


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Sophie Horton-Jones