Cranium Dark ad released

I don't think I've had as much fun designing a game as I did with Cranium Dark, sure, there were the usual development challenges, but this one included hilarious brainstorm sessions, and even more ridiculous testing sessions! There were a lot of laughs along the way!

Cranium is such a fantastic brand to work with as it has so much play scope, so there were a lot of concepts around this game. When we did finally settle on a couple of the favourites the testing was brilliant to watch. Trying to stay quiet whist watching groups try out the game from behind one way glass was a real challenge! I'm sure there were lots of groups that left that could hear us giggling away in the background!

A while ago I spotted a video that featured on a retailers website, but couldn't link directly to it. That video has now been uploaded on to Youtube, so enjoy! Oh, and enjoy the game too! Let me know if you have a play, it would be a great one to play at Christmas with a grown up family (I speak from experience!) but I'd recommend keeping it away from the kids!

Sophie Horton-Jones