Trivial Pursuit X

Another game hits the shelves (or the internet at least, release date on these posts looks to be December '16  / Jan '17, Trivial Pursuit X. I love that we held on to the simplicity on this one, with easy to get, uncomplicated, inclusive gameplay. We spent a lot of time testing the level of the questions for this, making sure it was adult enough, but not too obscene or embarrassing to play. So we watched some great, and some rather awkward moments in testing!!!

It's all about the trivia (it is Trivial Pursuit!) but in this game the aim isn't about being the winner, it's about not being the loser! Every time you get a question wrong, you get a black ink stamp on your forehead, 

Anyway, I think you'll like this one, it's a great one to take to the pub with your friends and enjoy a bit of adult trivia, but perhaps one to keep away from the kids!