2016 Digital Sketch Roundup

After playing with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate App for a few months I thought it worth pulling together a quick overview of some of my favourite sketches from 2016. Most of these have been sketched whilst exploring Seattle's many coffee shops.

One of the main reasons I started sketching on the iPad was to push my self out of my comfort zone a little. I found that when I was starting out as a Product Designer I spent a long time trying to develop a sketch style that I was comfortable with, where I could quickly convey concepts either in meetings, or product pitches. I finally discovered that a Sharpie and a pile of paper worked for me, the Sharpie was bold enough to stop me being such a perfectionist, but also slides brilliantly across laser jet paper (a little like a Bic Biro on a banana, but I wasn't convinced a bic and a banana was an acceptable form of communication in the workplace!). The Sharpie and A3 combo helped me quickly get concepts from my head on to the paper, without rulers, erasers or too much time spent thinking about how the sketch looked, I spent more time thinking about the idea instead. As I got more and more comfortable with this method, I found that I could create visually compelling sketches that got my ideas across well, that either helped support an idea I was trying to get across in a meeting, or to put in to a deck of ideas to start the design process.