Seeing Your Products in the Wild

Surely that's one of the main reasons we design, right? To see something you've designed on sale, on a shelf or online? The other thing that I love, perhaps even more, is seeing a product you worked on in peoples hands, (and no, I don't mean in the hands of someone you're showing your proudest products to!!).

I recently came across a game I designed in our new local pub... half way round the world. Cards nicely worn, the components used and the box looking a little worse for ware, all the signs you want to see of a game that's actually been played!

I love hearing about the products people are most proud of, theres a brilliant thread on Core77 where people can post their recently released work. I always think this is a great thread to celebrate seeing people worked so hard on out in the wild!

So I'm curious... what are you most proud of seeing out in the wild??