'pour' - A Very Quick Pour-Over Coffee Concept

I took a quick break (4ish hours, with a bit more time for the render) to take a quick look at a pour-over coffee maker, a suggestion from the Core77 discussion boards.

I wanted to design something super simple, something that wasn't a nightmare to wash up (as so many coffee makers can be), something easy to use, and clean and pleasing to the eye.

Take a look at the below images to see how the concept developed.


I took inspiration from some of the cleaner, more modern looking coffee makers out there, but also some that I either liked the function, or material details of:


Whilst I didn't spend a huge amount of time on this one, I started out with a variety of concepts, then narrowed them down to my favourites. I took these from bic sketch in to Procreate on the iPad to further tweak my them:


I built these concepts in  Fusion 360, where I played around with the proportions, materials and details:


I went for the simplest combination of glass, copper and satin black, kept the lines simple and clean, but functional enough that you can place the funnel and plate over the glass, add a filter and the ground coffee, then pour over the water and watch it make its way down the funnel in to the glass. Then remove the funnel by lifting off the plate, and there you have it, a freshly made coffee... simple!

Sophie Horton-Jones