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Design Strategy

I'm an ideas person, I look for opportunities or gaps in the market and utilise fast-paced product concept generation skills to get ideas down on paper.

I'm interested in pushing at the boundaries of a brief to deliver innovative product, strategic line planning and marketing methods.


Moshi Monsters:

From online world to #1 toy brand in the UK.


I was the lead Product Designer at Vivid Toy Group for the Moshi Monsters toy line.
Together with a team of marketeers, engineers, graphic designers, QA and a Far East Team we bought a digital world to life in to physical world with a range of collectables, plush, playsets, games and puzzles. Driving a collectable craze that culminated in Moshi Monsters, that became the UK's #1 Toy Property, of which the collectables sold over 45 million pieces alone. Building physical assets and stories which were also re-created in the digital world.



- Concept design and development (including sketching, ideation and concept visuals)
- Product Design (full cycle product design from sketch to shelf)
- Line planning (collectable strategy across price points, exclusives)
- Licensor relationship and approvals

- Design for manufacture (including creating product specs & BOMs, time spent in China and Hong Kong)


Hasbro games:


designing adult games and experiences from within a kid-centric company

Everybody knows Hasbro as a well loved kids toy / branded play company. So how do you design a line of products designed for the adult game market, still under the Hasbro name? That was the exact challenge our newly created Adult Games Team set out to tackle.


This involved a lot of research and testing; large testing sessions in Boston with startup business millennial types, multiple small group Q&A sessions in London and even a week spent in Palm Springs writing down dirty words to determine how far is too far!! All the time aiming to design fun adult games, without ever making anybody uncomfortable or feel offended by gameplay or content.


- Trend and foresight
- Consumer insights
- Concept design and pitch

- Gameplay design
- Product / Industrial