*Experience Design*

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Experience design

i design the product and the experience, including gameplay and interaction.

here are couple of examples:


Cranium Dark:

Simple easy-to-learn adult party game

I thrive on the challenge of creating a product or experience from an ambiguous brief. Working as part of the newly established 'Adult Social Game' team at Hasbro there was no real president for designing games for adults, this allowed us to test new development styles, instigate innovative consumer testing and insight methods and design games in a different way to more traditional family games.

Utilising an iterative design process to see the product through from sketch to numerous rounds of testing in different situations, creating product pitches for internal and external use and seeing the product design through from sketch-to-shelf were all highlights of the design process.


- Concept Design and Development (including sketching, prototyping, product pitch design)
- Utilising testing feedback, consumer insights and current trends
- Art direction of final graphics
- Working with engineering and Far East partners for final product development and delivery

Scrabble Twist:

taking scrabble twist off the board; CReating a handheld electronic game

Scrabble Twist was a completely different type of product and experience design with a more rigid brief '$19.99 handheld, pass and play, electronic, Scrabble game'. There was a tricky balance of creating a fast paced, tense, pass-and-play game that is still recognisable as the well loved 'intellectual', word building board game.

scrabble twist photo.jpg


- Gameplay Design (including storyboarding, consumer testing and insights)
- Product Design (concept, product pitch, function, 3D, design for manufacture) 
- Code document development and bread board review

- Working with engineering and Far East partners for final product development and delivery